Independent/Barrett Stinson

After being harvested in fi eld demos, corn is fed through an auger into the NECO 24150 grain dryer Wednesday in the northwest corner of the Husker Harvest Days site. 

By Robert Pore

homegrown company,Global Industries ofGrand Island, and itssubsidiaries are mak-ing a big impact atHusker Harvest Days with a new grain-storage and handling facility.
The grain-handling system installed by Global Industries last year northwest of the exhibit area at Husker Harvest Days includes a 30,000 bushel grain bin and a grain dryer with the capacity to dry down 1,600 bushels by 5 percentage points per hour.
Visitors can see the one-stop grainhandling facility at work during daily demonstrations at HHD, which wraps up on Thursday.

Untitled-3Corn harvested from the demonstration fields that has a moisture level of about 23 percent is taken to the Global Industries grain-handling site, where a state-of the-art NECO dryer takes the moisture level down to 17 percent to 18 percent. The corn is then stored in the 30,000 bushel grain bin.

The whole process is automated and can be controlled by an app on the producer’s smartphone or tablet.

Global Industries has six divisions in Nebraska and Kansas. Grand Island operations include MFS/York/ Stormor, Global Treatment Systems and Brownie Systems. NECO is in Omaha, Hutchinson/Mayrath is in Clay Center, Kan., and Sentinel Building Systems is in Albion. The divisions are all interrelated and manufacture grain-storage and -handling equipment, metal buildings and water treatment systems.

Jason Luebbe, HHD field demo manager, said the grain-handling site is just one of many cutting-edge technologies at HHD that are leading the way to a revolution of technological efficiency on today’s farms.

“The main thing on farms now is to be able to handle grain quickly and effi ciently,” Luebbe said.

Helping to supervise the Global Industries grain-handling facility is Lee Goldhorn, NECO customer service and tech support manager.

Nebraska Engineering Co. (NECO) is a specialized agricultural equipment engineering and manufacturing company with more than 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space in north Omaha providing grain dryers, grainhandling and aeration equipment for agricultural customers worldwide.

“The visitor coming to this site will see an integrated grain-handling facility,” Goldhorn said. “It is a full spectrum of grain-handling and grainconditioning equipment.”

He said NECO has been part of Husker Harvest Days for a long time, but this is the fi rst time all of Global’s subsidiaries have come together at HHD to demonstrate the integrated technologies the company makes.

As HHD has grown over the years, so have agricultural industries, such as NECO, have responded to the technological needs of agriculture.