Project Description

Air Delivery Systems

Stormor is a division of Global Industries, a multi-faceted company specializing in grain storage handling systems. As a result, we can offer industry-leading fans from NECO for your EZEE-DRY system.

High volume airflow combines with low static pressure, low temperature drying and low horsepower requirements to efficiently and safely dry your grain. The cooling fan recirculates hot air thrown off by the cooling grain back up to the drying chamber to help dry the next batch—improving drying efficiency and lowering energy costs. System is expandable by adding fans or increasing fan sizes to provide greater capacity and drying capability.

Air delivery for EZEE-DRY is available in two configurations:

Ground-Mounted with Duct Work
In this configuration, the drying fan is mounted at ground level for ease of operation and maintenance. Ductwork mounting directs the air to the drying chamber—and creates an even heat/air mix.
Platform Mounting
This configuration puts the drying fan on a platform at the top of the storage bin, eliminating the cost of ductwork, reducing ground level noise, improving efficiency of air delivery and reducing problems associated with grain dust. Sturdy access stairs (optional) provide safe and easy access to the fan for maintenance.