Project Description

Quality starts at the top.

MFS/Stormor offers you a range of roof systems to match your commercial installation requirements and your budget.

Every roof design has been tested for fit at the factory. All roof designs were initially assembled by our engineers before the first one shipped. This extra quality step means you don’t have to worry about dealing with a “prototype” during installation. Every bolt hole lines up. Every sheet matches. Rafters and purlins are precisely manufactured.

We know. Because we already built each size in-house before they were released to manufacturing and shipped to customers.

Options to match your commercial bin requirements.

72 ft. to 105 ft. Models (21.9m – 32m) Larger models typically need extra support due to larger capacity conveyers, catwalks and heavier spouts.
30 ft. to 60 ft. Models (9.1m – 18.3m) Option of raftered or non-raftered roof system.
Up to 30 foot Models (Up to 9.1m) Non-raftered roof systems are standard and generally meet or exceed roof load requirements for these sizes.

Engineered for long life and trouble-free construction.

  • G-115(Z350) galvanization on all outer roof sheets and most raftered components, leading to 27% longer life on areas exposed to the elements. Components that require welding are not galvanized, but are powder coated for optimal protection.
  • 30° roof slope helps void debris and snow from the roof system, without increasing overall bin height.
  • Temperature cable brackets are easily added to raftered roofs with minimal expense.
  • Powered roof exhausters are easily added with trouble-free installation on site.
  • Gooseneck vents with corresponding pre-formed vent opening allow for easier installation.
  • Three roof panels per sidewall sheet also simplify installation.

The Contractor’s Choice

  • Fewer parts for quicker, easier construction
  • Precise manufacturing for accuracy and trouble-free in-field assembly
  • Bolt holes that line up every time for faster installation
  • Quality, strength and industry-leading specifications provide confidence and reliability over the long haul

Raftered Roof Capacities

Roof Diameter Roof Peak Load
105′ (32.0 m) 40,000 lb (18.144 kg)
90′ (27.43 m) 40,000 lb (18.144kg)
78′ (23.77 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
75′ (22.86 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
72′ (22.86 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
60′ (18.29 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
54′ (16.46 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
48′ (14.63 m) 30,000 lb (13.608 kg)
42′ (12.80 m) 20,000 lb (9.072 kg)
36′ (10.97 m) 20,000 lb (9.072 kg)
33′ (10.06 m) 20,000 lb (9.072 kg)
30′ (9.14 m) 20,000 lb (9.072 kg)

Commercial Roof System Features

portfolio“C” design on rafters and purlins dramatically improve roof integrity, especially when installed back to back. This design is ideal for the shape of the roof—and eliminates deflection commonly found in Z-shaped rafters.Rafters and purlins are manufactured by our sister company, Sentinel Building Systems—ensuring quality control, precision and timely production.
MP-ribs-300x193Extra-tall 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) stair-stepped ribs are staggered to provide even greater strength. Hemmed drip edge deflects moisture, eliminates sharp edges to reduce injury and strengthens the cross-section of the roof sheet.
MP-roof-vents-300x193Well-designed 2.25 sq. ft. (0.686 m2) roof ventsfor maximum airflow. Vent openings are pre-punched for easy construction and tight fit and seals. Vents feature seamless raised lip (inset) for improved integrity and moisture resistance.
comm-roll-former-300x193Proprietary state-of-the-art roll former controls the distance between holes from rib-to-rib, not from the edge of the coil like competitive products. The result: Higher quality roof sheets that fit better—with bolt holes that line up every time. Bolts drop right in place. That means trouble-free, labor-saving, frustration-free installation on site
MP-xl-manway-300x193Extra-large manway is sized for plenty of shoulder-room and easy maneuverability, even for large-framed farmers wearing cold-weather gear!