Project Description

EZEE Dry Controls

Stormor EZEE-DRY uses only high-quality Kahler Automation controls, known throughout the industry for accuracy, reliability and long-term performance.

  • Controls fill augers, dry time and dump gates
  • Records number of dumps
  • Adjusts timers, temperature and operation via operator screen
  • Monitors dryer operation and stops on error condition, displaying error on screen
  • Optional wet bin low switch monitor
cont-flow-control-267x300Kahler Automation KA-770
  • Fan(s) run continuously and grain temperature or time opens dump gates for a set dump time.
  • Concurrently fills and dumps grain 24 hours a day.
  • Grain sensors accurately control dumping at predetermined temperature setting.
  • Sensors accurately prevent over- or under-drying based on grain temperature.
  • Accurate monitoring of fill overflow, full storage, low grain and fan/heater operation.
batch-dry-control-248x300Kahler Automation KA-700DT
  • Set dry time (hours) and cool time (minutes) for precise drying.
  • Dryer can be stopped at any time with manual “stop” button.
  • Option of setting “time only” or “time/temperature” parameters.