Project Description

Performance-enhancing design features make EZEE-DRY the time-tested industry leader.

Solid eave flashing (not perforated) forces more air through the grain, speeding the drying process and saving energy. Also makes cleaning easier and extends the life of the bin.
Dump chutes in the lower roof ensure even distribution of hot grain into the storage bin, enhancing even drying and improving grain quality. Fills and dumps use gravity—not belts or augers—to help lower maintenance costs.
Roofs and sidewalls are manufactured of high tensile steel with G-115 galvanization, which provide up to 27% longer life than competitors who settle for G-90. This is especially important given the hot, moist environment in which the system operates.
EZEE-DRY has the strongest roof system in the industry, with peak load capacity of up to 6,000 lbs. (2,721 kg). “Up position” eave clips help exhaust moisture-laden air.
Grain temperature probes measure and automatically average the grain temperature in the upper chamber to control the dryer functions.
Leveling bands in the drying chamber are strategically located to work with gravity and the angle of repose of grain to create a consistent, evenly distributed layer of grain depth for optimum drying efficiency.
Fans and heaters can be mounted either at ground level or near the top of the bin.
Cooling components include aeration fan, floor supports, perforated floor and transition. Customer preference and grain depth will help determine if an axial or centrifugal fan is needed.
Built-in gooseneck vents in the upper roof vent hot moist air out of the drying chamber to improve drying times.
Strong, rugged overhead drying floor structure provides support for up to 2,100 bushels of grain during the drying process.
Air over hydraulic auto return provides continuous air flow, which is far superior to competitors’ battery back-up pumps. Available only on continuous flow models.