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The Brownie Advantage: Round is significantly better

Brownie towers are designed and approved specifically for your application with round members because they are stronger and create less wind load than angle iron members. If a tower made of angle iron is the same weight as a Brownie tower, then it is NOT of equal strength.

Our round member tower design has a significant strength advantage as noted in the chart below.

These air-flow pattern diagrams illustrate that a round member on a Brownie tower creates less drag than an angle iron tower of equivalent strength.

Brownie is also well-respected throughout the industry for its ease of construction. Precision engineering ensures that pieces fit perfectly and bolt holes line up. Brownie systems are designed to ship efficiently and install quickly and cost-effectively.

Brownie: The world leader in the manufacture of catwalks, conveyor support systems and leg support towers for grain and bulk handling.

  • More than 60 years’ experience in steel fabrication
  • Catwalks and towers are strength-staged through computer applications to meet project-specific wind span and load capacities
  • Timely, professional quotations: project expansions, bin peak and sidewall capacities are considered during the quoting process
  • Polyester powdercoat finish is baked on for durable, long-lasting finish that is impervious to rust and corrosion
  • Optional hot-dipped galvanized coating available for those who prefer this finish
  • Unrivaled customer service before, during and after the sale
  • Complete staff of in-house engineers
  • Modular knock-down design for economical shipping
  • All products meet or exceed OSHA, AISC, UBC and/or ASCE standards
  • One-year warranty on material or workmanship based on Brownie “Conditions and Limitations”